Telemundo - FIFA World Cup 2022 Show Package

The good folks at Gameday Creative assemble a talented team of artists to execute this behemoth of a graphics package for Telemundo & Peacock TV. I was involved in the early concept/design phase to help establish the overall look of the package. Then I was tasked with designing a brand new insert system for Telemundo, as well as custom insert graphics specifically for the World Cup. For the overall package, colors and design elements were inspired by the Copa Mundial logo. Echoing rings were used as narrative elments to frame and highlight the most important pieces of information. For more info on the entire package, head over to Gameday Creative.





Client: Telemundo & Peacock TV
Production Company/ Studio: Gameday Creative
Creative Director: Eric Say
Designers/ Animators: Paul Cantor, Nathan Raabe, Brian Cantore, Alexis Wuyts, Rummel Payot, Andriy Kovalchuck and others
Producer: Kulani Jenkins
Executive Producer:Scott Flato

My Contribuitions to the Project

Custom Insert Elements Design and Animation

Custom Telemundo Insert System Design for the World Cup 

Custom Telemundo Insert System Animations in collaboration with Rummel Payot

Custom patterned background and texture (inspired by the architecture of Al Thumama Stadium)

All-New Telemundo Network Branded Insert System Design (used for all sports broadcasts)

Telemundo Network Branded Insert System Design Explorations



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