Sony Pictures - Uncharted Main On End Film Titles

This was a very special project for me as it was my first opportunity to work on feature film titles, which has always been a career goal and dream of mine. Ivan Girard developed a sequence of design frames inspired by scenes from the film. I was one of the animators asked by Method Studios to seamlessly stitch together his frames and animate them to enhance their painterly feel. It was a true team effort and we were rewarded with seeing our work on the big screen and our names featured in the credits at the end of movie.




View the titles on Method’s website by clicking here or on the image below:


Client: Sony Pictures
Ruben Fleischer
Production Company/ Studio:
Method Studios
Creative Director:
Ivan Girard
CG Supervisor:
Alex Cheparev
CG Generalist:
Da Suel Kim
Paul Cantor,Wesley Ebelhar,Andrew Hess,Keri Moller, Andrew Paulus, Ishu Yoon, Kevin Sanchez
VFX Coordinator:
Olivia Vitagliano
Angela Bowen, Emily Schaeberle
Executive Producer:
Adrienne Mitchell

My Contribuitions to the Project

While many shots came across my plate at different phases of the project, below are the main sections of the title sequence that I was responsible for: 



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