SOL Republic - 2019 CES Display Booth Visuals

Working with Nomadic Studio, we collaborated with SOL Republic to create this eye-catching visual to supplement the physical products on display in their 2019 Consumer Electronics Show booth. With the experience of working with SOL Republic in the past, I had a clear sense of what they were looking for and exactly what they would need from a visual standpoint to enhance their booth. A clean design involving dynamic 2D animation paired with 3D animation and photo-realistic renders was the recipe for executing SOL Republic’s vision. I textured, lit, and animated all of the 3D in Cinema4D and rendered with Arnold. I then helped to develop the energetic 2D animation with Lucas Bell. We then composited those elements together to complete the final 5760x1080 piece. This video played as a constant loop, was stretched across a wall of three 4K monitors, and provided the main source of color and ambiance to SOL Republic’s 2019 CES Booth.





Client: SOL Republic
Production Company/ Studio: Nomadic Studio
3D: Paul Cantor
Animators/Compositors: Paul Cantor, Lucas Bell


Motion Design

3D Modeling, Texturing, and Lighting



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