SAS - The Journey

I joined the team of designers and animators at Method Studios to help realize their vision for a promotional video for SAS, a data management and analytics company. I was tasked to design style frames for selected shots from their storyboards and envision how motion design could enhance the video from shot to shot. Highlights for me with this project include the transition from an overhead shot of Union Square into a credit card chip, the UI design of a futuristic medical tablet, and the design of a physical data sphere. It was gratifying to not only conceptualize and design the shots, but to also animate those designs (in 2D & 3D) and composite them for the final piece.





Client: SAS
Agency: McCann
Production Company/ Studio:
Method Studios
Creative Director: Johnny Likens
Designers: Paul Cantor, Vinnie Thomas
Animators: Paul Cantor, Vinnie Thomas, Andrew Hess, Andrew Paulus, Kevin Sanchez
Producers: Emily Schaeberle, Billy McMillen
Executive Producer: Adrienne Mitchell

My Contribuitions to the project

Design Frames


UI Design & Animation

Tablet UI Design

3D Environments 

Data Sphere Design

Additional Explorations



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