Microsoft -Xbox One Reveal Video

The final project that Superfad produced was this video. The video was used as the revealing act for Microsoft's Xbox One gaming console that was unveiled during a world-wide announcement ceremony in May of 2013. It was displayed on the main giant screen during the ceremony, and also full-screen during the live television coverage. As one of the compositors, I was responsible for establishing the overall environment of the piece. In addition, I composited many shots in their entirety including the Xbox One Controller shots. The collaboration of everyone involved in the project is what helped propel its stunning and realistic aesthetic. This was a classic high-caliber piece by Superfad that marked the end of their run as one of the industry's greatest studios.





Client: Microsoft
Production Company/ Studio: Superfad
Creative Director: David Viau
Lead Compositors: Paul Cantor, Matt Guzzardo
Compositing: Paul Cantor, Paul Barkshire, Brian Merrell, Phiphat Pinyosophon, Justin Pae, Matt Guzzardo, Marco Giampaolo
Lead 3D Artist: Matt Guzzardo
Lead Modeler/Texture Artist: Adam Rosenzweig
Modeling: Phiphat Pinyosophon, Andrew Butterworth, Greg Bekken, Patrick Clarke, Josh Kohlmeier
Lighting: Andrew Butterworth
Editor: Felipe Marmolejo, Kenny Breit, Ryan Haug
Producer: Jen Schmithorst
Audio: John Buroker



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