Microsoft - XBOX "Snowflake" TV Commercial

This 15 second commercial spot for XBox was created at Superfad Seattle. Working with their 3D team as the Lead Compositor, I composited the 3D of the "hero" snowflake, the atmospheric elements, and generated the particle systems. All the pieces came together to create this short animation that includes characters from XBox games Halo and Fable. The final icing on the cake was a little voice over cameo from hip hop artist Ludacris.





Client: Microsoft
Agency: AKQA
Production Company/ Studio: Superfad
Art Director: Loren Judah
Compositing: Paul Cantor, Paul Barkshire
Lead 3D Artist: Matt Guzzardo
Technical Director: Robin Scher
Lead Modeler/Texture Artist: Adam Rosenzweig
Modeling: Phiphat Pinyosophon, Andrew Butterworth, Greg Bekken, Patrick Clarke
Animation: Andrew Butterworth, Greg Bekken
Lighting/Texturing: Raphael Protti
Editor: Ryan Haug
Colorist: Joel Voelker
Producer: Jen Schmithorst
Head of Production: Nannette Buroker
Executive Producer: Chris Volckmann



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