Windows 11 - Brings you closer to what you love

Working with the team at Framestore Chicago, I helped to create this commercial spot for Microsoft’s release of Windows 11.  We created the design concepts, visual effects, and brought the new features of Microsoft Windows 11 to life with this dreamlike film. My responsibilities included expanding on concept frames developed by Thanos Kagkalos and then animating those designs in Cinema4D. My animations were then passed down the pipeline to be paired with Houdini simulations and ultimately comped and rendered into the final cut.





Client: Microsoft
Agency: McCann New York
Director: Tarsem Singh
Production Company/ Studio: Framestore Chicago
Design Director: Daniel Pernikoff
Technical Design Director: Scott Rachwalski
Technical Director: Travis Saul
Concept Designer: Thanos Kagkalos
Senior Effects Artist: Chris Friesen
Effects Artist / Design: Adam Thompson
Designers/ Animators: Paul Cantor, Dean Ripper, Tyler West
Producer:Alissa Nunley

My Contribuitions to the Project

Design Frames in collaboration with Thanos Kagkalos

3D UI Animation 



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