League of Legends - LCS10

We Are Royale asked me to help them with this frenetic yet carefully designed graphics package for LoL’s League Championship Series. I was responsible for developing the motion design that would carry over to all the elements of the package. Once all animations were approved, I was in charge of creating an Essential Graphics Toolkit in After Effects that the client could update with different team logos, photos, colors, etc. 





Client: Riot
Production Company/ Studio: We Are Royale
Creative Directors: Loren Judah, Eduardo Guisandes
Art Director: Adrienne Wollman
Designers: Pedro Cruz, Angelica Baini, Daniel Beaton
Animators: Paul Cantor, Loren Judah, Angelica Baini, Evan Ausmus, Soomin Park, Brandon Smith
Producer:Karla Sylvester

My Contribuitions to the Project

Motion Designs



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