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Working under the direction of Nando Costa at Superfad, I created this 3D/2D world as part of a huge installation for the Coca-Cola Factory in Atlanta, Georgia. It was part of an entirely new addition to the factory that incorporated an interactive experience for visitors. Modeling and animating 3D molecules along with generating bubble-like particles, we created this animation that is displayed when a viewer guesses the correct Coca-Cola formula of ingredients. This video shows how the animation is actually displayed at the Coca-Cola Factory, courtesy of First Story Interactive Studios. I was responsible for the animation that appears at the last 10 seconds of the video. Below is a list of awards for the entire Coca-Cola Factory's Vault of the Secret Formula project, displayed on the First Story Interactive Studios website:

Your Best Work: Design Awards & Competition, HOW, Winner, December 2012

Communication Arts Interactive Competition, Communication Arts, Winner, Award of Excellence: Environmental, December 2012

Event Design Awards, Event Design Magazine, Winner, Best Use of Interior Media/AV, October 2012





Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Interactive Exhibit Installation:
Second Story Interactive Studios
Motion Design & Production:
Creative Director:
Nando Costa
Art Director:
Gretchen Nash
2D Animation:
Paul Cantor
3D Animation:
Paul Cantor
Second Story Interactive Studios
Nicole Dundas
Executive Producer:
Chris Volckmann



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