Apple - 2016 iPad Pro In-Store Screen Display

When Apple launched new iPad Pros in the spring of 2016, I was part of a team of motion designers assigned to creating content that would play on the device screens when they were displayed in the retail stores. We were in charge of creating a loopable video that would promote productivity and artistry through the use of specific apps while using the new iPad Pro. The video highlighted features of the new device as well as new apps that enhanced productivity. While on display, the content played on the device screens until someone interacted with it. Working with Apple's Marketing and Communications group in Sunnyvale, California, I helped design, animate, and composite certain sections of the video. I was specifically tasked with animating the iPad Pro logo and compositing the 3D scene of the new iPad Pros along with other new Apple accessories. All of the content had to be creating within the current Apple design language at the time, created in landscape and portrait formats, and also adapted to be displayed in different countries worldwide. The final piece ended up being about two and half minutes in duration. This video is a snippet of the section I was responsible for creating on the final in-store screen display.





Client: Apple, Inc
Production Company/ Studio: Apple Marcom Group
Art Director: Matt Lawrence
3D: Nick Conn
Animation/ Compositing: Paul Cantor
Producer: Sue Erokan

My contribution to the poject

  • 3D Camera animation from iPad Screen to hero product angle.
  • Compositing of 3D passes and screens on devices.
  • iPad Pro logo animation




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